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1) Your tickets need to be less than 30 days old in order to ensure that we can file a court date for you. Please remember that YOU are responsible to appear in court at your trial date.

2) If you are using our payment service, please be sure that you have entered the correct amount owing in our payment terminal otherwise we can not process your payment. If this is the case, we will contact you for further monies owing before proceeding with your payment. Your Parking or Traffic ticket will show the number of days you must pay in before your ticket value increases to a higher amount. (SET FINE) Please be sure to double check.

3) Please make sure you are aware of your driving status. We are NOT responsible if your licence is suspended. This is something that you will have to discuss with the Ministry Of Transportation and take further action upon yourself.

Ministry Of Transportation: 416-235-2999
30 College St. Toronto, Ontario
M5G 2B3

4) File My Tickets does not set the actual court date. We simply process the appropriate paper work on your behalf. Trial dates are set by the Courts who will send you a notice in the mail within 6-8 months. If you have not received your court date after this time, you may wish to contact them directly.

Provincial Offences Office: (416) 338-7320
Court Locations

5) Please remember, this is a filing and payment service only. We are not paralegals therefore we can not provide you with any legal advice on your matter.
File My Tickets
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